Top 5 Summer Hair Tips For Your Little Girl’s Curls


Summer is a little over a month away, the Farmer’s Almanac says it’s supposed to arrive June 20th. Depending on where you live though, it may feel like it’s already here! With the bright sun and hot days come more outdoor activities, water sports, good food, traveling and so many other great things. However, summer also tends to bring more humidity, dry hair and skin, and chlorine damage, especially for our little ones since they seem to spend more time outdoors than us adults. Check out the following 5 hair care tips to protect your little one’s precious coils this season:

1. Keep Her Hydrated On The Inside       

Make sure you keep your little girl hydrated from the inside out. Meaning that as she’s playing outside make sure she has plenty of water to drink. This not only helps her to ward off dehydration but it also keeps her body and hair follicles moisturized.  Always remember that moisturizing the inside is even more important than moisturizing the outside of our bodies.

2. Keep Her Hydrated On The Outside

Make sure that you are moisturizing your daughter’s hair everyday using a water-based high quality natural hair moisturizer. Two of my favorites are Darcy’s Botanicals Peach Kernel Hydrating Milk and Koils By Nature’s Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-in Conditioner. Both of  these moisturizers contain hair-loving, natural ingredients that will infuse your little one’s hair with moisture and keep it soft throughout the day. These will also protect and strengthen her hair as well as keep it healthy as she plays in the summer sun.

3. Seal The Moisture In

After applying the water-based leave-in conditioner or moisturizer, follow that up with a good hair oil so as to seal the moisture into the hair shaft. Sealing moisture in is a great practice because the oil forms a barrier between the hair strand and the outside elements, whatever they may be at the time. Many times we will complain about how we put some moisturizer on our hair and then hours later our hair is dry again and dull in appearance. Well, by sealing the moisture in, we minimize or completely alleviate that problem. So, here’s how we do it, after applying the moisturizer, take a dab (small amount) of natural hair oil like Tropic Isle’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil,  Coconut Oil or an oil-based pomade such as Darcy’s Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme and  smooth over the hair from root to tip. Especially focus on the ends of your daughter’s hair as these usually take the worst beating as they are the oldest part of the hair strand. After doing this style as desired.

4. Thoroughly Cleanse and Condition Her Hair After Swimming

Chlorine is a beast when it comes to drying out our hair. Make sure you thoroughly cleanse and condition her hair after every swimming pool endeavor. Use a natural, conditioning, sulfate-free shampoo that also acts as a detangler.  Then follow up with a natural, moisturizing, creamy conditioner. This is so important because you don’t want to leave the chlorine in your baby’s hair to continue to wreak havoc, wash it out asap! If your daughter is swimming in a salt water pool or any other water contraption that doesn’t contain chlorine then a simple co-wash (shampooing the hair with just conditioner) will do just fine. Just make sure you follow this process up with your moisturizing leave-in conditioner and seal that in with a good hair oil.

5. Style Her Hair With Simplicity in Mind

During the summer months try styles that will keep your little girl’s hair up and out of her  face. Opt for easy protective styles like buns, braids and twists that can be pinned up in cute designs, or even easy wash and go styles that can be pulled back with a soft, not-too-tight headband! That way she can be free to play as much as she wants without you having to worry about her hair getting damaged in the process. And definitely don’t forget to buy her a silk or satin scarf and/or pillowcase to sleep on at night so as to keep her hair soft and moisturized. Cotton tends to suck the moisture out of natural hair so opt for silk and satin instead.

Try these summer tips out and visit our boutique: to pick up the fabulous natural hair products mentioned above. We hope you and your little girl have a wonderful and happy summer!!


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