4 Cheap Ways To Rock Your Natural Look More Confidently!

Going natural and staying natural is a lifestyle. What does that exactly mean? Well it means that “being natural” includes more than just wearing our hair in a chemical free state. It also embodies our diet, our exercise routines, and our attitude and mindset….. well at least it should anyway. Why do I say this? Well, how many times have you seen a woman with a fly natural hairstyle but for some reason the overall visual was still off? It could have been that perhaps she just wasn’t carrying herself in the most confident way. It could have been that although her natural hairstyle is gorgeous, she just doesn’t believe it herself yet so is therefore very self-conscious. Whatever the case, our level of confidence does not come from how fierce our hairstyle is but rather it comes from within. With that being said, there are some things we can do to help build up our inward confidence and therefore rock our entire natural look a lot more confidently. Here are 4 cheap to free ways to do so:

1. Stare At Yourself In The Mirror      Price: Free

Take a moment every day, preferably in the morning before you embark on your daily activities, to stare at yourself in the mirror. This is NOT a time for thinking negative thoughts, possibly wishing something was smaller, bigger, nonexistent etc. Rather this is a time where you only say positive things to yourself. Compliment yourself on your eyes, how smart you are, your nose, your lips, your skin, your hair etc. Really focus on picking out things that you really love about yourself. Doing this every morning will train you to start the day off with positivity, boost  your confidence as well as put a little extra pep in your step! Try it, it really works!

2. Do your Naomi Campbell Walk      Price: Free

Are you going places in the world? Then walk like it! How many of us shuffle through life? I mean seriously, how many of us are constantly rushing from one task to another? How many of us are dragging ourselves from one task to another? Whether we are rushing or dragging, neither is ideal. Do you ever notice how confident models look on runways? It is all about the walk. A model could have on the most gorgeous dress, makeup is on point, shoes are ridiculously hot, hair is amazing but if her walk is off, the whole look is off!  So take a cue from Beyonce who told us years ago, to do the Naomi Campbell walk, and yes walk across the room like Naomi Campbell. You remember that? Good, now get to it! Walking like a model has less to do with how you look and more to do with how you carry yourself. So, stand up straight (you’re probably humped over right now, I know because I am), pull those shoulders back, bring that stomach in, and stride with one foot in front of the other. Don’t be stiff with it but rather loosen up and sway as you walk, not too much though as losing your balance and falling would surely detract from your overall “look”.  Also remember that walking like a model is not contingent upon footwear. Yes it is generally perceived to be easier to model walk in heels, however, you can don a confident stride in sneakers, flip flops, or even barefoot. Just remember to keep your head up, shoulders back, back straight, stomach in and one foot in front of the other. Walk like you’re going somewhere in this world and even if it doesn’t feel natural starting out, eventually you will begin to believe it too and this will boost your confidence!

3. Tighten Up On Personal Hygiene & Care    Price: Free

If your knees are ashy and your breath is tart, somehow no one is going to care how well your wash and go looks this morning. Sometimes because we get busy, we might tend to let some things slide. Although this can happen to the best of us, some things just need to be given priority. When we take that extra time to take good care of our bodies, it makes us feel better as women. When was the last time you took a relaxing bath and added a few bath salts or even some nice bath oils to your water? When was the last time you just sat and polished your nails…….not because you were going somewhere but just because you wanted to? When was the last time you actually took time to massage a nice body butter or lotion onto your feet? When was the last time that you turned on your favorite songs and just danced all by yourself? When was the last time you knew you weren’t leaving the house and took your head scarf off anyway?  If we make taking care of ourselves physically a priority right along with everything else, we will be subconsciously telling ourselves that we do matter and we will feel better about ourselves in general. Remember to do it for you, not for anyone else.

4. Buy Yourself Something Fun On A Regular Basis       Price: $10 or less

Why is this important? Well, when someone buys you a gift, how do you generally feel…. happy right? It usually is very exciting and gratifying to know that someone was thinking about you. It just makes you feel good!  Well why wait for someone to buy you a gift when you can buy yourself a gift? It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. In fact set aside $10 each week and buy yourself something nice. Remember that a lot of us spend this amount just on buying lunch, so take your lunch with you to work at least one day each week and use that money you would have spent on lunch, on yourself instead. What nice things can be bought for $10 or less? A lot actually….you could buy: a new lip color, a new nail color, a cute and cheap piece of jewelry like a costume ring or necklace, that new scented body butter or lotion we discussed previously, some bath salts, a new headband, a hair flower, a new healthy snack to eat, a new pair of flip flops, a cheap scarf, a new air freshener for your car, or even a new houseplant. The options are endless but one thing that is for sure, is that if you make this a regular habit it will put a smile on your face, it can add a little more excitement to your life (I mean this because when you have on a new pair of flip flops it really goes a long way…..seriously), and it will remind you weekly that yes you are truly worth it! You can’t buy happiness and you can’t buy confidence, but you can definitely increase both with a little spontaneous gift from you to you!


These are my 4 tips to rock your natural look more confidently, what are yours?


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