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5 Signs That Your Protective Style Has Been In Too Long

Protective Style

Protective Styling has become the best friend that many of us have always wanted or are privileged enough to actually have. She holds us down whenever we need her. She’s reliable, consistent, and she’s good for our overall wellbeing. Having her around just makes us feel better! Like all friendships, however, she needs to be maintained. Unfortunately many of us are guilty of  taking this precious friendship for granted. Have you? Here are 5 signs that your protective style has been in too long……..   1. Your family and close friends have forgotten what your hair looked like loose. Anytime … Continue reading

Top 4 Lint Busting Tips For Natural Hair

short natural hair

    Its wintertime again and chances are, you, like many of us, are bundling up trying to stay warm in all this cold, windy weather. Hats, scarves, and hoods are great for shielding ourselves from the cold winter air but are horrible on our natural coils. Here are the top 4 ways to minimize the amount of lint your hair picks up this winter season.   1. Sleep in a satin/silk scarf or on a satin/silk pillowcase Yes, we know this goes without saying, but many of us are guilty of just turning in at night with absolutely nothing … Continue reading

Master Your Kinks Hands-On Natural Hair Workshop

Darcy's Botanicals Feb. Event 2013

Here’s What You Need To Do: Register online at: You pay only $25 and you will receive upon your arrival a natural hair styling kit containing two full size Darcy’s Botanicals Products and the styling tools needed to complete your style. Shampoo and Condition your hair at home and come with your hair clean and in a plastic cap.  (shampooing services will not be available the day of the event) Show up at the Darcy’s Botanicals Boutique on Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 at 1:00pm and be prepared to learn how to Master Your Kinks! What To Expect: Patient step-by-step instruction from … Continue reading

Elle Varner’s New CD — Perfectly Imperfect Is Here!!

Okay so generally our focus is hair and fashion and beauty and all that other good stuff. Well today we deemed it necessary to bring you all three wrapped up in one beautiful package entitled, Perfectly Imperfect. Elle Varner’s debut album dropped today and honestly, it’s quite amazing. We’re really into music but rarely ever write music reviews. Listening to this CD today though just made me want to boot up my laptop and go to work on a music review. Elle’s lyrics are refreshingly youthful but at the same time oh so grown. The lyrical quality of the album … Continue reading

Top 5 Summer Hair Tips For Your Little Girl’s Curls

  Summer is a little over a month away, the Farmer’s Almanac says it’s supposed to arrive June 20th. Depending on where you live though, it may feel like it’s already here! With the bright sun and hot days come more outdoor activities, water sports, good food, traveling and so many other great things. However, summer also tends to bring more humidity, dry hair and skin, and chlorine damage, especially for our little ones since they seem to spend more time outdoors than us adults. Check out the following 5 hair care tips to protect your little one’s precious coils … Continue reading

4 Cheap Ways To Rock Your Natural Look More Confidently!

confident natural haired woman

Going natural and staying natural is a lifestyle. What does that exactly mean? Well it means that “being natural” includes more than just wearing our hair in a chemical free state. It also embodies our diet, our exercise routines, and our attitude and mindset….. well at least it should anyway. Why do I say this? Well, how many times have you seen a woman with a fly natural hairstyle but for some reason the overall visual was still off? It could have been that perhaps she just wasn’t carrying herself in the most confident way. It could have been that … Continue reading

Top 5 Habits of New Naturals

Natural hair TWA

Congrats to all the women who have just taken that momentous step and decided to get rid of the chemicals!! You are now 100% natural!! Your first few weeks and months as a new natural can be exciting, frustrating, fun, scary, even liberating. Sometimes you may even feel all of those emotions in the same day! Those of us who have been natural for years can definitely relate. We remember the anticipation as well as the fear, because for quite a few of us, this was the first time we had ever dealt with our hair in its natural state! So, with … Continue reading

No Flaking Allowed: Is there peer pressure in the natural hair community?

natural haired woman in thought

We are grown right? So this type of stuff doesn’t happen right? Wrong! Peer Pressure can be felt at any age and in a variety of different circumstances. So, I ask, is there peer pressure in the natural hair community? Well, frankly I believe the answer to that question is yes. Here’s why: At Ma’Mocha Naturals we offer Beauty Confidence Consultations for women who are dealing with confidence issues related to their natural hair. In doing this, I’ve heard time and time again that they are feeling pressure. Pressure from who? Well some are experiencing pressure from family and friends … Continue reading

Ma’Mocha Fashion Files— Angela’s Picks

Inhale…….exhale…..Can you smell it? Spring is in the air, so why not bring in spring with a refreshing outfit with a pop of color to end a “blah” winter. This year it’s all about vibrant colors and taking a risk. Check out my outfit of the day.   Sweater:forever 21 White shirt:papaya necklace:claire’s shoes:charlotte russe     What colors are you looking forward to rocking this spring? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment!

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